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It is the applicants (Owner Builder/Contractor) responsibility to ensure that all required inspections are made prior to proceeding with work on the project. For new dwellings, once all fees are paid and all required inspections are completed, the applicant will be issued a CO (Certificate of Occupancy). Permits expire and become null and void if work is not started and an inspection requested within 180 days from the issuance date of the permit. Indiana Ave., Room 203, De Land 386-736-5959 Branch Office - Daytona Beach Open Tuesday a.m. For urgent vet care between 6pm and 1am, call NVC of Deltona at (386) 860-5335.NVC Deltona Animal Hospital is open until 1am, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.If you click on one of the tabs below you will find an explanation of each service.

Please select your Newman Vets location below to access the store: What is Acupuncture?

In rare instances some pets will not like acupuncture however, many pets actually get so relaxed during their treatment that they fall asleep! A series of 3 to 10 treatments can resolve many chronic problems. Acupuncture treatment may induce a heaviness sensation along with contraction of local muscle. Garret is a Veterinary Acupuncturist and a general Veterinarian at Newman Veterinary in Daytona.

Some degenerative conditions may need monthly treatments over time. Over 95% of pets are comfortable with acupuncture therapy. To find out whether your pet’s condition may be helped with Acupuncture we recommend you book an assessment consultation with our own Veterinary Acupuncturist Dr. During the initial consultation your pet will be assessed to determine whether Acupuncture is a suitable treatment option for the diagnosed condition.

Newman Vets consists of six full service animal hospitals in Central Florida.

They are each outfitted to perform all types of veterinary services, procedures, surgeries, diagnostics, vaccines and much more.

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Upon request, a COC (Certificate of Completion) for minor projects can be obtained. After work has commenced the permit will expire when work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days. We have two offices to serve you Permit Center - De Land Open Monday - Friday a.m.

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