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Henceforth no mention whatever is made of Esdras in the canonical literature.

He is not spoken of in connection with the second mission of Nehemias to Jerusalem, and this has led many to suppose that he was dead at the time.

(Or EZRA.) Esdras is a famous priest and scribe connected with Israel's restoration after the Exile.

The chief sources of information touching his life are the canonical books of Esdras and Nehemias.

The reading was resumed on the next day by Esdras, and they found in the Law the directions concerning the feast of the Tabernacles.

Nevertheless he is known rather as "the scribe" than as " priest ": he was "a ready scribe [a scribe skilled] in the law of Moses ", and therefore especially qualified for the task to which he was destined among his people. Kent in America, to do away with the numberless difficulties arising from the interpretation of the main sources of this history, maintain that Nehemias's mission preceded that of Esdras.This covenant pledged the community to the observance of the Law, the abstention from intermarriage with heathens, the careful keeping of the Sabbath and of the feasts, and to various regulations agreed to for the care of the Temple, its services, and the payment of the tithes.It was formally recited by the princes, the Levites, and the priests, and signed by Nehemias and chosen representatives of the priests, the Levites, and the people (strange as it may appear, Esdras's name is not to be found in the list of the subscribers -- Nehemiah 10:1-27 ).Esdras seized his opportunity, and exacted from the congregation an oath that they would comply with this proposition.A general assembly of the people was called by the princes and the ancients; but the business could not be transacted easily at such a meeting and a special commission, with Esdras at its head, was appointed to take the matter in hand.

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