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With the updated, larger crowds, new interactions with them are also available.

The game was meant to be rebuilt, with fencing being used as an inspiration for the new system.

The largest part of criticism was drawn towards the game's lack of gameplay-innovation, unrefined controls, and numerous graphics issues and other bugs upon release.

Because of the high amount of initial bugs, Ubisoft issued an apology, and compensation was offered.

There are significant tie-ins with the Assassins Creed Unity Companion App, a "freemium" click app with limited "direct ties to the overall story of Unity".

There are a significant number of chests, assassination targets, and other collectibles that are visible to all players but only accessible to those who have completed certain goals within the app.

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The game retains the series' third-person open world exploration as well as introducing a revamped combat, parkour and stealth system.

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