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2004 Red limited editions have unpainted rim edges on the wheels. Warning lights are circular and not part of the Speedo or Rev counter etc.. One is for odometers, fuel consumption and trip meters. ALL dials do the automatic spinning routine when starting - its pretty cool !

OK everyone I have received a mail explaining the various technical aspects of the mechanics of the 'choke' and it clear that it is a fast idle lever, no enrichment at all.

Known differences between 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 models.

Models years are often referred to from 2001 onwards for what ever reason by k1 = 2001, k2 2002, and so forth.

Besides we aren't even dating or even going steady for that matter..that I'm complaining or should I be ?? - A dust cloth or cover over the screen and headlights. To date there has been only one Official Suzuki endorsed special edition. Since many people have asked here is a summary of all the mechanical type problems you may encounter whilst owning the Hayabusa.Not only is there a main Walkthrough in the game that will take you around forty hours of gameplay to complete, but there are so many Side Quests, optional missions and jobs, and so much more, that finding it all on your own isn't only a daunting proposition. Are you curious how to get through a mission with Little Jacob?Are you wondering why your techniques running jobs in Roman's cab just aren't working?Please don't ask me whether you should get the current model or wait for the next years model etc...I won't answer that question because its got nothing to do with me.

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So the ZX14 is not the fastest nor is the GSXR1000 etc... 2000 models : Stretched chain and cam chain (1st recall for 2000 models).

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