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Wheat and rice are staple cereals supplemented by barley, maize and lentils and pulses. Exogamy is practiced among clans as a rule for marriage.However, marriages between subgroups are becoming common.In child marriages, consummation takes place only after the girl has attained puberty at the age of twelve to fifteen.In many cases, especially in rural areas, the bride and groom do not see each other before marriage.Bride price used to be the norm but it has been replaced by a dowry which is in both cash and goods.The Kumhar are monogamous though polygamy is permitted if the first wife is barren, but such cases are very rare.It is designed for people who are serious about marriage, and looking for suitable brides or grooms.

They are an integral part of Indian society because their creations are an integral part of an Indian’s daily life rituals.

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The Kumhar are a landless community who continue in their traditional occupation as potters, with some engaged in animal husbandry and crop farming on a share-cropping basis.

Some work as masons and manual labour for a daily wage.

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This trend is beneficial to the Kumhars as long as they are not exploited by middlemen.

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