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Then my mom told me that Our Lady of Guadalupe had appeared in Mexico, and I was totally intrigued.I was fascinated, because it seemed to be a real thing, something with proof left behind.”For Rubio and millions of other Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, December 12th holds special significance.Early on the morning of December 12th, the lady appeared again to Juan Diego and told him to gather some flowers at the top of the hill – a strange request because flowers were not in season in December.Juan Diego did as he was instructed, and found an array of Castilian roses.

These are interesting elements for an artist to play off of.”Several of Mora’s books have featured Our Lady of Guadalupe as a character; in one, she appeared as a guest on a talk show.

Our Lady of Guadalupe has also figured into real-life historical events.

Father Miguel Hidalgo launched Mexico’s war for independence from Spain in 1810 by declaring, “Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe!

Mexicans celebrate the appearance in 1531 of the Virgin of Guadalupe to Juan Diego.

“That makes sense, because God always chooses the people the world rejects,” she said.

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“It’s interesting how, in our culture, she is still so prevalent and recognizable.

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