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In Hindu Ritual Milk is poured over the Shivalingam washing away all Karma, all negativity into the center of the earth.Negativity is burnt in the nuclear fires in the center of the earth.The second me, was this overwhelmingly peaceful, white light.

After this I noticed that by thinking about certain areas of my body I could send the intense heat to that area!So my ego had this light just drowning it from all directions.Imagine a war scene where the dark side is just a little blob of dark and there is hundreds or thousands of times as much light surrounding it from all angles.Also I noticed as soon as Satchidanand emailed me, I got a down-pouring of light from above the crown which kept charging me up the rest of the day – and my cravings died out!Then I realized the cravings were ego-blockages and that I did not want them.

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The Shivalingam represents the Antahkarana column of energy which springs out of the Earth.

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