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The band has released three albums, all named Crystal Castles, in 2008, 2010, and 2012.Their first album made the NME list of the 50 greatest albums of the decade, placing at #39.It was released on CD in North America on March 18, 2008 and in the UK on April 28, 2008.It was also released as a limited double-12" with a new mix and master specifically for vinyl.YMMV • Radar • Quotes • (Funny • Heartwarming • Awesome) • Fridge • Characters • Fanfic Recs • Nightmare Fuel • Analysis • Tear Jerker • Headscratchers • Trivia • WMG • Recap • Ho Yay • Image Links • Memes • Haiku • Laconic Crystal Castles, an electronic Chiptune-esque band, are composed of Alice Glass and Ethan Kath.They cause quite a bit of ruckus with their live shows, and often make good use of strobe lights and whatever unfortunate soul is working security.Crystal Castles is an experimental electronic music duo from Toronto, Canada.

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Their musical style has been described as having "ferocious, asphyxiating sheets of warped two-dimensional Gameboy glitches and bruising drum bombast pierce [the] skull with sheer shrill force, burrowing deep into the brain like a fever".

Indie music review website, Pitchfork, gave a positive review of Crystal Castles' remix of "Leni" by Good Books, and described the style as "pitch-shifted vocal snippets [that] ricochet like pinballs around Crystal Castles' patented 8-bit synths".

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, formed in December 2003 as a project started by Ethan Kath (then of Kill Cheerleader).

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